Thursday, July 12, 2007

Jules Crittenden: Still Searching for the Pony

In a column the title of which shows extraordinary self-perception1, Jules Crittenden wonders: why so impatient?

Right now, all the talk in DC is whether there has been any progress in Iraq. No one can wait till September. They need to know now. Primarily, it appears, because they need to kill the war for their own domestic political reasons before it kills them.
Or maybe because we think that after the situation has been deteriorating for four and a half years, over the entire course of which countless war apologists have been promising dramatic improvement in the next X months, it just doesn't make a lot of sense to wait another X months before we figure out that it's a catastrophic clusterfuck that isn't ever going to go the way people like Jules Crittenden think it will.

I mean, hey, it's possible, isn't it?

Crittenden also wonders: why no articles about the awesome strategery?
But how come, if this is the pressing issue of the day, we’ve seen no serious effort whatsoever among our leading news organizations to tell us or our political leaders what is actually happening?

....Where is the comprehensive look at the execution of George Bush’s counterinsurgency strategy, this thing that everyone keeps disparaging?
I'll let Captain Willard field this one:
Kurtz: "Are my methods unsound?"
Willard: "I don't see any method, at all, sir."
Update: Rasmussen reports that 19% of the public considers the escalation a success (which means Crittenden, Bill Kristol, and TIDOS Yankee were all in the sampling). By any standard that would judge the escalation a 'success', 19% is an 'overwhelming majority'.

1Unless, that is, he's talking about someone else.