Sunday, August 05, 2007

I've They've Fallen and I They Can't Get Up

Shorter David Broder: "Why can't the Democrats negotiate in good faith with President Bush? I seriously don't get it."

Meanwhile, one of Broder's fellow clueless denizens of the Sunday Post Op-Ed page, Deborah Howell, may have found a nut:

If columnists aren't interesting and provocative, they won't be read. No newspaper wants to receive thousands of protests, but that is not as serious a problem as having readers turned off by dullness. A provocative commentary that might result in protests will win every time over a ho-hum column that readers would pass right over.
Has David Broder been having his way with us these past couple of years? Is his incessant yearning for an impossible "bipartisanship" just a pose to maximize his audience? Can he really be so canny?