Saturday, October 13, 2007

Onward, Marxist Soldiers

Via The Corner, of all places, I see that a Detroit-area Catholic group is working to put some "pro" and "life" back into "pro-life."

Some Catholics in Metro Detroit are organizing a media and Internet blitz against three local members of Congress, saying the representatives' stand against a Democratic proposal to finance the State Children's Health Insurance Program -- known as MIChild in Michigan -- is inconsistent with their vow to oppose abortion rights.

"The important thing to communicate to them is that Catholics regard this as an issue of social justice and basic human rights -- this is a life issue," said Michael Hovey, the director of the Office for Catholic Social Teaching for the Archdiocese of Detroit....

The Catholics who support the SCHIP program say those who oppose abortion rights must also support the welfare and health of living children....

"As a mother of nine children, I know the importance of preventative and routine health care," said Marguerite Rouleau of Rochester.

So that's it. They've all got like nine freaking children! If only some of these folks could get six, eight, ten of their kids on death row, maybe they'd suddenly recognize the moral imperative involved there, too.

Update: As Kathy points out in comments, many pro-life Catholics, certainly of the sort represented in this Detroit group, do oppose the death penalty. The focus of my post really should have been on the immorality of those on the right who would encourage, indeed compel, the production of great numbers of American babies but then go missing from their lives like deadbeat dads. It's enough to ignite a spontaneous revolution from below.