Friday, December 28, 2007

Too Much Whine

Peggy Noonan on her conditional patriotism:

My central problem [with Hillary Clinton's candidacy] is that the next American president will very likely face another big bad thing, a terrible day, or days, and in that time it will be crucial--crucial--that our nation be led by a man or woman who can be, at least for the moment and at least in general, trusted. Mrs. Clinton is the most dramatically polarizing, the most instinctively distrusted, political figure of my lifetime. Yes, I include Nixon. Would she be able to speak the nation through the trauma? I do not think so. And if I am right, that simple fact would do as much damage to America as the terrible thing itself.
So there you have it, from the doyen of the American right: among the existential threats our nation faces is Republican dissatisfaction with little old Hillary Clinton. Who knew we have grown so weak under Bush? Have the Republicans terrorists won?