Monday, March 17, 2008

Democrats hate Religious People? Do Tell!

Kevin is banging the Drum again for everyone's favorite contrarian democratic religion shill Amy Sullivan. Her guest blogging and continual stupidity, along with Kevin's own brand of white guy/upper class dem disingenousness, is what drove me away from Washington Monthly. But while skimming it today I came across something that made it worthwhile. Among all the republican trolls who infest the site lay this gem of a rejoinder to the whole "those evangelical votes are just waiting for the dems to pick up if they'd only listen to Amy Sullivan's memmememememe meme"

From a enozinho:

Haven't read the book yet, but can you tell me which evangelicals we are supposed to court? Is it the white, America-loving, brown-people-hating variety, or the black, America-hating, white-people-hating variety?

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