Sunday, March 23, 2008

Resurrection Zone

Oldies but goodies ruled K-Lo's contributions to The Corner this slow news, Easter weekend. Among them we had an entry in the Google holiday icon-watch category:

Nothing Special About Today [Kathryn Jean Lopez]

Like, Memorial Day, Easter appears to be a holiday Google doesn't do — although it managed to celebrate St. Patrick's Day and the first day of spring (even if they skipped Jonah and my birthdays!) this past week.
Because isn't that "l" just crying out to be martyred upon? And I count at least six potential caves in the other five letters.

We also had another "good news from Iraq"-style feature wherein K-Lo quoted this passage from the LA Times:

War-ravaged Iraq city 'alive again'

Fallouja has been rebuilt since the 2004 battles. Stores again are doing a brisk business, and the population is nearly back up to 300,000.

Do you think K-Lo realizes that it's a mostly-different 300,000 people -- the original folk now being mostly 'still dead'?*

And finally we had a premium entry in that classic category of K-Lo, the incredibly wrong-headed political nomination:

Empire State of Dunces [Kathryn Jean Lopez]

People are seriously wondering if David Patterson will wind up resigning.

I'm tempted to want Rudy to head to Albany. Anybody know what he's up to?

I don't believe anything I could possibly write here would do justice to the memory of either John Kennedy Toole or Ignatius J. Reilly. So I'm not even going to try. Instead I'll simply bow down to the repetitive awesomeness that is K Lo.

* At least 4,000 US troops are also now 'still dead.'