Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Plastic Soldiers Against the War

Update: Reinforcements have arrived, in the form of Generik's Guerrillas.

Little plastic soldiers have begun mobilizing to help bring their less diminutive flesh-and-blood brethren home from Iraq...and keep them out of another disastrous war in Iran. This morning Kvatch's Kommandos made another raid on San Francisco (follow-up to an earlier sorty); Hilton's Heroes (pictured above; banners read "Don't send me to Iran" and "Don't let me die for another lie") will be deployed up the North Coast of California over the coming weekend. Expect these soldiers to see a lot more action in the coming pressure grows for a military strike on Iran.

(Thanks to Jay for coming up with the idea, and Kvatch for bringing it to my attention.)

[That's all, folks]