Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Edwards Campaign Musn't Succumb to Swiftboating

I was so impressed when John Edwards decided to hire two of my favorite bloggers.

Predictably, they're being swiftboated. Story here and here. Now there are rumors that Amanda & Shakes are going to be fired (story here and here).

So, here's what I wrote to the :Edwards campaign:

Dear Senator Edwards and staff:

I would be appalled if you allowed the excellent bloggers Amanda Marcotte and Melissa McEwan to be swiftboated off of your campaign.

Bill Donohue has long taken bigoted and anti-Semitic stances. He is the last person who should be dictating Edwards campaign policy.

Please know that I am still in the process of evaluating which candidate I will vote for in the Democratic primaries. A candidate who caves into far-right smears and pressures is not one I will support.


Deborah Lipp

Write with your own (polite) words of support.

So why cross-post this when Tom has already written about it? Mostly just to offer the link for writing to Edwards, and to increase the general blogosphere hitcount on the issue.

[That's all, folks]