Thursday, February 15, 2007

Libby Trial Coverage: It's About the Gossip, Stupid

So the New York Times has an interesting (and only intermittently annoying) article about FDL's coverage of the Libby trial, and Glenn Greenwald has a typically thoughtful post in response, all about the emerging role of blogs in real-time news coverage.

And Ann Althouse...well, she's Ann Althouse:

I really would like to read some detailed coverage of the dynamic between the professional journalists and the bloggers who get to have so much more fun and show their emotions. Is the static between the two groups manifested only in the form of repressed, repressive shushing? The real reporters can't express much of what they feel about the bloggers, who must be irritating the hell out of them, can they? It wouldn't be professional. Plus, the bloggers would blog about it!

....I'd like to see the movie about life in that little courthouse media room. No, the script needn't depict bloody mayhem. I like a nice dark satire myself. Or a documentary (if it's not too late). But a romantic comedy would do just as well. Do you want the girl or the boy to be the blogger?
Yes, it's true: there is literally nothing Althouse cannot reduce to the level of junior high-school gossip. Amazing.

[That's all, folks]