Monday, July 30, 2007

Random Flickr Blogging: img_1922

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Random Flickr-blogging explained.
"Look -- you and I both know the kid lacks experience, but he hit 95 on the radar gun when he threw that baby bottle. We're paying Clemens $1,000,000 a game and we're still eight games behind the Red Sox! Mr. Steinbrenner's mind is made up; get the kid's parents on the horn."

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One by one, cyclists failed their drug tests and dropped out of the race, until the Tour De France was won by (a presumably drug-free) Jean-Claude Cléry, who was not actually entered, but just happened to cross the Champs-Élysées on his way home from the boulangerie.

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Twenty-eight years later, a new generation discovers life downwind of Three Mile Island is...interesting.