Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Rove's Advice

So last week Rove told a bunch of Republican House candidates that it wasn't the war, it was the corruption that did them in last November. (Laughably wrong--but hey, work with Karl here.) Rove's advice: distance themselves from Mark Foley and Duke Cunningham.

Yeah, that'll work. All they have to do is convince the voters they have nothing whatsoever to do with Cunningham or Foley.

Well...and maybe Ted stevens.

Oh, and I guess Don Young.

And I suppose you should probably throw in John Doolittle. And Rick Renzi. Oh, and Jerry Lewis, Ken Calvert, and Gary Miller.

And maybe even Rove himself.

Cunningham and Foley? Nice try, Karl. It'll take a lot more than that to ditch the corruption rap. It's too pervasive...and that freezer full of cash Republicans like to talk about, well, that'll only go so far.

Because as I've said before, all this corruption isn't incidental to Republican ideology; it's the inevitable result. Corruption is what they believe in.

Cunningham and Foley: not going to do it. Maybe they could try running against themselves.

Update: Looks like Jay Carney reads us. (Okay, so he doesn't. Still.)