Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Magical Mystery War

Taking time out from a column in which he uses the thinnest of pretexts to compare Rudy! to JFK, Richard Cohen complains of George Bush's "magical thinking" about "a happy outcome in Iraq." In contrast to our dreamy president, Cohen the hardened realist harbors no illusions about what must occur next in this war that he strongly advocated:

...[T]here's an agonizing war in Iraq that needs to end in a fashion that will not turn a mistake into a debacle -- for Iraq, for the region and for the security of Americans here in the United States.
That's all there is to it. The war "needs to end," note the passive voice, in a triple backward Salchow hat trick hole-in-one threepeat. As for where we might find this pony, Cohen has neither magical nor practical ideas to offer. In ending the war, as in starting it, he simply leaves the details to the devil.

Update: I just realized this is yesterday's Cohen column. But the war goes on.