Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Phenomenology of Surge

Roll over, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel — Victor Davis Hanson is in the house.

"Post-Surge Dialectics," VDH entitles the latest elegant rant he has chiseled into stone slabs over at The Corner. Two hundred and fifty finely-wrought words to say, essentially, that it's not the surge that matters but its political yield in Iraq and D.C. Four paragraphs of waltzing his Wurlitzer down the road to this simple conclusion:

In the meantime we must deal the enemy such a blow that security and utilities improve radically, Iraqis join the perceived winning side, and present regional troublemakers alter their assumptions that we are going to leave in defeat to their advantage.
To which I can only say, roll over, FonzieGeorge W. Bush is in the house.