Saturday, August 11, 2007

A Surge of Romneys

It's not just The Five Brothers anymore who are showing support for our nation by helping to get Mitt elected. Good God, no. According to Michael Luo of the NY Times, who seems like he has a pretty good sense of humor,

At last count, 96 members of the Romney clan, a veritable army, have arrived here [in Iowa] over the last few days to help out at Saturday’s Republican straw poll, bolstering what is already a huge ground operation for the event that far outstrips the efforts of any other campaign.

Leading the shock troops will be Mr. Romney’s five adult sons, who have come to occupy an increasingly prominent place in their father’s campaign, giving speeches, holding fund-raisers, blogging and even weighing in on strategy, all the while helping their father paint a not-so-subtle contrast to some of his leading Republican rivals.

...Even the grandchildren have been recruited to offer a hearty Romney welcome. [my italics]
This militarization puts a fresh spin on Mitt's call to "double Guantanamo." As well as, come to think of it, the decisions of McCain and Giuliani to sit out the event. I guess they've gone to ground to live and fight another primary.