Saturday, September 15, 2007

Blame It on the Rate Card

TIDOS Yankee, one of the chief instigators of the phony discount-ad-for-MoveOn pseudo-scandal, kinda sorta admits he got it wrong:

In other words, all the attention came as a result of the New York Times not putting their standby pricing on their rate cards, and the majority of the angry pixels expended in this incident were more than likely "much ado about nothing."
See, it's because the New York Times didn't do enough to explain its advertising rates to people who weren't actually buying ad space.

Or not.

John Cole (who, because he has more than two brain cells to rub together, got it right from the beginning) has an alternate explanation:
1.) Wingnut #1 asserts that the NY Times gave MoveOn a super-sweet deal on the ad because they hate America, and not out of general business practices.
2.) Wingnut #2 repeats the claim, links to wingnut #1, and goes on a rant about the perfidy of the NY Times, to include a link to the NY Times stock performance in 2006.
3.) Wingnut #3 links to wingnut #2, and states:
Having done its best for the past four years to undermine the war effort, disrupt national security, aid and abet our enemies, and provide comfort to terrorists, the New York Times has now gone one step further in its efforts to undermine the war.

Newsbusters is reporting that was given a discount from the New York Times for its anti-Petraeus advertisement. Mind you, it received the political advertising discount that every political advertiser gets, but received an additional $102,000.00 discount.
Verdict: PROOF the NY Times hates America. No one, of course, has examined NY Times past rates, no one has asked the NY Times for their input. Doesn’t matter- we have three links! IT IS FACT.
In other words, Bob, it wasn't the rate card; it was a bunch of idiots like you cooking up phony stories out of nothing more than pure virulent hatred for anyone who questions your blood-gorged fantasies of eternal combat.