Saturday, September 22, 2007

Bloggy Style

Most of my posts here at If I Ran the Zoo are the blogging equivalent of hollering at TV news. But I didn't initially visit this blog over politics. I actually first "met" this Tom Hilton fellow when he and I both jumped to the defense of novelist David Foster Wallace in a comment thread over at Tbogg's. When the two of us later recommended mostly the same books to Roger Ailes when he blegged for literary advice, I figured I'd better check out Tom's blog.

I'm now a contributor to the blog, and Tom has invited each of us to celebrate its second anniversary by revisiting a favorite post. For my blogiversary repost, I'll return to literature and feature my Bloomsday post of 6/16/07. It's 99% James Joyce, and easily the best thing I've ever contributed to the blogosphere. I'll dedicate it this time to Tom and the rest of my fellow bloggers (and our commenters), in honor of all of our growling and grousing good times.

Happy Bloomsday!

James Joyce on blogging:

So, howandever, as I was saying, the old dog seeing the tin was empty starts mousing around by Joe and me. I'd train him by kindness, so I would, if he was my dog. Give him a rousing fine kick now and again where it wouldn't blind him.

--Afraid he'll bite you? says the citizen, jeering.

--No, says I. But he might take my leg for a lamppost.

So he calls the old dog over.

--What's on you, Garry? says he.

Then he starts hauling and mauling and talking to him in Irish and the old towser growling, letting on to answer, like a duet in the opera. Such growling you never heard as they let off between them. Someone that has nothing better to do ought to write a letter pro bono publico to the papers about the muzzling order for a dog the like of that. Growling and grousing and his eye all bloodshot from the drouth is in it and the hydrophobia dropping out of his jaws.

Ulysses 12:697