Thursday, September 27, 2007

Request Thread

Yes, it's true: we're taking requests again. Here's how it works: in a comment thread remarkably like this one, perhaps even this very comment thread, you tell us what you'd like us to write about; over the next few days, ideally between now and Monday, we write the posts you requested. Want more exposure for a particular issue? Got a link to an article worth writing about? Curious about what we think on some issue or another? Fire away. Tired of wingnuts complaining that liberal bloggers don't write about their pet issues? Send 'em here! One (or more) of us will honor each and every request made in this thread. I can't guarantee eloquence, or in-depth analysis, or even coherence really...and of course I also can't guarantee we'll approach your topic from the same angle you would...but one way or another, we will write about the thing you want us to write about.