Monday, September 10, 2007

Teh Responsibles

The oh-so-very-very serious David Ignatius, in today's Washington Post:

Centrist Democrats and Republicans -- "the responsibles," as Charles Peters of Washington Monthly likes to call them -- have rallied recently around the Iraq Study Group report that was issued nine months ago.
Ignatius isn't assigning blame to "the responsibles" for, you know, their responsibility in authorizing and perpetuating our excellent adventure in Iraq; instead he's actually lauding their foreign policy seriousness.

What are Ignatius's insights into the current thinking of "the responsibles"?
On the eve of Petraeus's report, the Iraq war is turned upside down. The Sunnis who were our worst enemies are now our best friends. The Shiites for whom we fought the war of liberation are increasingly obstacles to reconciliation, and thus our foes....