Saturday, September 22, 2007

Two Years

Two years ago today I revived the blog I had begun and swiftly abandoned more than a year before. My immediate motivation was to score free tickets to a pre-screening of Serenity; in that, at least, I was successful. Of such humble beginnings are humble things born.

Anyway, I kept at it even after writing the review that was the quid pro quo for my free tickets, and swiftly grew addicted to This Business We Call Blog. I managed to wangle more contributors over time, and eventually If I Ran the Zoo became what it is today: the A-team of the Z-list.

Many thanks to anyone who ever linked to us, anyone who ever visited, and anyone who ever left a comment (even the few Republicans). Y'all are what makes this blog a living thing.

Consider this the official blogiversary de-lurking thread; if you've been visiting but have been too shy to comment, now's the perfect time to show yourself. I will also direct your attention to the Frappr link on the sidebar, where you can add yourself to a map showing locations of our readers. Last time I made the Frappr pitch was a year ago, so I'm fairly certain we have some new readers since then.

And if this is your first visit to IIRTZ, take a look around; we have some great stuff here, and I think you'll enjoy it.