Friday, September 21, 2007

Whedon on Miranda

So I haven't watched my winsome Serenity DVD straight through yet, but I did watch with the new commentary track on. Whedon did a cool thing, which was to watch his original commentary track before recording the new one so that he was sure not to repeat himself.

Anyway, the commentary was good, except that with these group commentaries, you can't always tell who's talking. Adam Baldwin is especially tricky because a Firefly fan is used to his accent, and that's not real, so he sounds nothing like Jayne.

Anyway, Joss was saying that the original script was 190 pages, and he had to get it down to 120, and Nathan Fillion asked him what was in the 190 page version (Ron Glass said "Me! Me!") and Joss said "Basically, all of Season Two" and one of the guys asked "What about the second half of Season One?" And Joss said, "Good point! But no, I always pictured Miranda as being at the end of Season Two."

Which is, like, amazing to me.

I have to say, when I saw the movie (and I guess I shouldn't spoil it by saying what Miranda is or anything), I didn't have the sense that Miranda was planned as the solution to certain series mysteries. It felt like it was the movie version. So I'm stunned to learn that, indeed, the answers to so many of our questions were intended to be found there all along.

Probably the coolest tidbit on the commentary. My respect for Whedon just grows and grows.

(Time for some thrilling cross-posts)