Friday, October 05, 2007

East Coast Friday Random Ten

Matthew Sweet, "I Almost Forgot" 100% Fun
Leonard Cohen, “Lover Lover Lover” Field Commander Cohen
Damien Jurado, “Engine Fire” Just in Time for Something
Sparklehorse, “Comfort Me” It’s a Wonderful Life
Hayden, “Long Way Down” Live at Convocation Hall
Tom Waits, “Big Black Mariah” Rain Dogs
Brian Eno, “Zawinul/Lava” Another Green World
Richard Buckner, “Blue and Wonder” Bloomed
The Court & Spark, “Hallelujah II” Dead Diamond River
Hem, “Leave Me Here” Rabbit Songs

Bonus: Richmond Fontaine, “The Warehouse Life” The Fitzgerald

In filling in for Tom this week, I'll apologize in advance to all of you Leonard Cohen haters out there. Blame iTunes.