Friday, November 09, 2007

Iron Lungs

Hagiography is the name of the day in conservative editorial circles. It's almost as if they don't have much to look forward to anymore.

Over at the NY Times, David Brooks labors to remove what he considers a false racial slur from the memory of USSR-slayer Ronald Reagan. Reagan never "kicked off his 1980 presidential campaign with a states’ rights speech in Philadelphia [Mississippi] to send a signal to white racists that he was on their side," argues Brooks. He just went to Philadelphia and spoke about states rights. So there.

And Peggy Noonan is in rare form over at the Wall Street Journal, bashing Hillary Clinton repeatedly over the head with Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher. Maggie was a lady, people. You'd walk by that dame after a late-night meeting and "catch just the faintest whiff of perfume, smoke and scotch." Clas-see! (WTF is it with wingers and the smell thing, anyway?)

Peggy continues, all ladylike: blah blah blah, you Hillary Clinton are no Margaret Thatcher. Indeed, no one really likes you and your sort. You are a dirty fucking hippy

...the exemplar of a quadrant within a generation, and it is the quadrant the rest of us of that generation do not like. They came from comfort and stability, visited poverty as part of a college program, fashionably disliked their country, and cultivated a bitterness that was wholly unearned. They went on to become investment bankers and politicians and enjoy wealth, power or both.
An entire quadrant within a generation, lost to ladydom and gentlemanhood. I guess they'll just have to be content with the presidency and both houses of congress.