Saturday, November 03, 2007

It Was the Best of Blogs, It Was the Worst of Blogs

One of the things I find most annoying about blogtopia is the pervasive blognesia--the tendency for anything older than a couple of weeks to be completely forgotten. In the blogosphere, the basic attitude is "what have you done for me lately?"

So despite the faint air of grandpa-sitting-on-the-porch-reminiscing-about-the-Civil-War, I am enjoying the trips assorted blogs are taking down memory lane to find the Best and Worst Posts Ever. It's worth checking out Kevin Drum (on the worst), Balloon Juice (best and worst, the latter with a particularly entertaining comment thread), Lawyers, Guns, and Money (mostly best), and probably several others.

That's what the Cool Kids are doing. We, of course, are hopelessly Uncool, so let's do something a little different. I'm inviting all of you to post a link to your own Best Post Ever. One link per customer; no limit ations (size, ideological, or other) on who can post a link. Hell, even TIDOS Yankee, who banned me from his own comment section, is welcome to post a link. Here's your chance to rescue your own best stuff from obscurity...if only for a moment, and only at a Z-list blog with literally several readers.

Don't have a blog? Well, then, just post a link to your Best Comment Ever. Have you been lurking without ever posting a comment anywhere? Then any comment you leave here would become your Best Comment Ever. In other words, everyone is welcome to play. I'm looking forward to some great stuff.

(And, since you as, here are two that I consider among the Top Five Posts Ever: Belle Waring's If Wishes Were Horses, Then Beggars Would Ride...a Pony!; and Kung Fu Monkey's Crazification Factor. Go read.)