Friday, November 02, 2007

Same Old Same Old

Peggy Noonan on Hillary Clinton's latest debate performance:

It seemed to me she made it quite possible to assume you know who she'll be making war on.
And who does it seem to Peggers she can assume Hillary will quite possibly be "making war on"? In earthy and direct Noonanese, whose "ox [does it seem I can assume may quite possibly be] gored?" Why, you and yours, of course.

Because [trumpets blast] Hitlary's gonna raise your taxes!

Yes, that's the stunningly original tack the right will take in this coming election season. Can't you just hear the chorus from the wingnut gallery?
If even partially true, this strikes me as...entirely believable.
Update: After reading David Brooks -- a one-man chorus line -- this morning, I see Peggy's actually on the G.O.P. high road.