Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Turning of the Curmudgeon

The Situation Room:

CAFFERTY: ...Bill Clinton is, arguably, one of the most charismatic, masterful politicians in the last 50 years, including Ron Reagan. But there is an aroma of a thirst for raw power coming off this tag team act that Hill and Billary are doing -- Bill and Hillary, I mean. Excuse me.

Remember, Monica Lewinsky?

Remember the impeachment?

Remember perjury? I mean that was eight years of our history, too. And as much as people might be tired of the Bush administration, there was a lot about those years that people don't like so much, either. And this just smacks of political ambition in its rawest form to me.
Because if we're going to go from a busted treasury and trumped up war and White House-exposed covert CIA agent right back into the possibility of extramarital sex, let's not even bother!