Sunday, December 02, 2007

Gathering Storm

Yesterday on his blog, Paul Krugman read the health care tea leaves in a National Review article surveying the Democratic advantage on domestic issues heading into the '08 elections:

[...The NR's] greatest fear is that if the Democrats do win,
It would probably also mean a national health-insurance program that would irrevocably expand government involvement in the economy and American life, and itself make voters less likely to turn toward conservatism in the future.
I think that sentence contains a grim truth for progressives: the right will fight any health reform tooth and nail. They believe — and so do I — that the implications of universal coverage would extend far beyond health care, that it would revitalize the New Deal idea. And so they’ll do anything to stop it.

Health care reform is shaping up as the great political challenge -- and opportunity -- of our generation. But we'll have to battle millions of cornered ideologues to get there.

In related news, "Krugman’s version of his appearance is disputed."