Sunday, December 16, 2007

My Blogspace (even messier than Tom's)

Apparently, today is Show Us Your Blogspace Day, and even though PSoTD didn't challenge me personally, I thought it looked both fun and humiliating. Plus, I cross-post at If I Ran the Zoo, and PSoTD did challenge IIRtZ. So there.

The blog shown on my monitor is, in fact, Tom's IIRtZ post of his blogspace.

Blogspace at home

Featured in this hideous mess; my Cow Parade "Udderly Wicked" cow, a Kali figure, my James Bond Movie Poster calendar (still on November, but November is You Only Live Twice, and December is Die Another Day), a fairy, a Lego witch set, Arthur's iPod shuffle case, the camera case, a framed Playbill from The Fantasticks 25th anniversary (I also have the 35th somewhere), my Beanie Baby dogs (I have to keep them separate from the other Beanie Babies; they're troublemakers) and I dunno what all else.

(cross-posted around here somewhere)