Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Slutty Liberal Girls

Sorry, that was a shameless tease. All I've actually got is some 50's-esque slut shaming from everybody's favorite racist and some other "lady" on The Corner. Turns out there are bad girls:

Feminists Today [Kathryn Jean Lopez]

From the liberal feminist site Feministing: "I have, let's see, NO friends that don't have sex with a guy within the first week of dating him."

Nothing like self-respect.

Conservative Feminist rules [Lisa Schiffren]

Klo — That very silly feminist blog you linked to this morning — where everyone sleeps with their current boyfriend in the first week of dating— (in later threads some claimed to wait till the second week) — raises a question. What would a conservative feminist do? Apart from the fact that, being a lady, she would not blog about it.