Monday, January 28, 2008

As The Worm Turns

Recently, or eternally, Pandagon and Alicublog had hysterically funny threads attacking Rod Dreher and the other neo-natalist proponents for the argument that a) everyone wants to have children and b) that they ought to want to have children in order not to be left all alone and lonely in the end times that are a' comin'.  I was astonished to find some of these arguments replicated in miniature in this little note from my elven year old daughter's health class:

"Someone asked “Why would someone want to have a kid, anyway?” Kids had all kinds of comments about overpopulation and animal instinct and survival of the species. Other comments: “A person is a really cool thing, like a pet on steroids.” “You watch them grow. You put your energy into them.” “They might be a brat but you can say that’s my little brat.” “I love to play with the kindergarten so when I grow up I might decide I want children or I might decide I want to be a kindergarten teacher.” “When kids grow up they do work for you.” [and my personal favorite]

You know that uncle with no kids who appears really cool? When he’s old he’ll be alone but your father will be a burden on your entire family.”"