Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Cat fight at the OK corrall

Asshurbanipal on a snowboard (thanks to Susan of Texas, or else Phoenix Woman, or whoever used this phrase the other day) what is with this demented hillary hating that progressives can't seem to let go off? Now over at LGM I've been called out because I'm not willing to concede that the Florida non primary proves that Hillary can't win when she runs a noisy campaign against Obama because she did win when she ran a quiet campaign against him but enough people weren't listening that the florida turnout of democrats was depressed next to the republican turn ipso facto, Hillary would have lost if she'd only been able to spend more money in the state and campaign there, quod erat demonstrandum, or something. Why yes, in Iowa Obama won and in NH hillary won and in SC Obama won again. In florida, which happened well after these other rather well publicized events, some people may not have turned out to vote because it wasn't a real primary but there is no evidence that this lack of a "realness" quotient depressed Obama supporters more than hillary supporters but we are to assume that was the case. Is that it? Really? And do let us remember that Obama has specifically been appealing to independent and republican voters, something that works well in some kinds of primaries and less well in straight democratic ones which is a problem that has been widely acknowledged--yes, even by that great orange satan Kos--so why don't we start factoring that in when we talk about people being disenfranchised by the primary process? It pisses me off when independents and republicans are allowed to attend my primaries (a la iowa) and swing the vote towards their preferred candidate. But I don't challenge the legitimacy of those votes or those primaries. Its just silly. And can I also just say how silly to call something "uncontested" when what you mean is its "uncampaigned."