Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Cutting to the Chase

A few days ago my name magically appeared on the roster of regular posters here at “If I Ran the Zoo” and Tom asked me to prepare some kind of brief biographical note that might explain who and what I am. That instantly turned what had been a secret vice into something more like work, which made me put the whole thing off until I began to feel like an absolute fool. Let me just say that I'm an anthropologist, I did my field work in Nepal and my pseudonym is the word “woman” in Nepali. If I'd thought about it longer I might have chosen “Kay Garnay” which is the phonetic version of the most popular Nepali sigh meaning “what can you do?” Or “dukka/sukka” which reflects the even more important Nepali belief that the whole of life is to be understood as a mixture of bitter and sweet and that suffering is everywhere. I'm a dedicated political junkie and free lance cultural kibbitzer. I've been posting on other people's blogs for years and have a wider than I would like group of posters who recognize and detest me (in the last month alone it seemed like “fuck you, Aimai” was some kind of auto response to my posts). It was lonely and sometimes frustrating to have to piss people off retail, as it were. Thanks to Tom's generous offer to let me perch here I hope to bring my annoying opinions to even more people, and give them a chance to tell me to fuck off right here at my new home base.