Saturday, January 26, 2008

"No, Mister GOP--I Expect You to Die!"

It just keeps getting wackier and wackier: Steve M. links to someone who claims Ron Paul's candidacy is a plot by George Soros to destroy the Republican party--along with other instances showing the theory has gained some traction on the right. As Steve says,

it's kind of perfect that there's a paranoid, probably racist conspiracy theory about a racist candidate who, along with his supporters, is full of conspiracy theories.
But then wherever Soros comes up on the right, he's bound to be part of some imagined conspiracy. Soros is the dark power behind everything the wingnuts hate.

Truth is, when wingnuts see 'Soros' they think 'Blofeld'. They see him as some mad, all-powerful super-villain. A Bond villain. Which, in moments of near-self-awareness, they even make explicit. Start from the assumption that Soros is Dr. No, and the idea that Ron Paul is his pawn makes all kinds of sense.

Or maybe it's not Blofeld or Dr. No; maybe George Soros is really Auric Goldfinger. Think about it: wouldn't that Fort Knox caper be worth a whole lot more if we went back to the gold standard?

(Apologies to Deborah for treading on her turf.)