Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Pundits Will Be Pundits

Debra Saunders, economic wingnut/social moderate, today:

I have to wonder if Giuliani's biggest mistake was not touting himself as the only supporter of abortion rights in the Republican primary. I think he'd be faring better today if he had run as a security hawk and a fiscal hawk, but social moderate.
Star Parker, all-purpose wingnut, today (hat tip: Sadly, No!):
Post-mortems on Fred Thompson's short presidential run focus on how the actor and former senator ran his campaign....But these analyses miss the more fundamental, and instructive, problem -- his message. Touted as the only "real conservative," a careful look shows that this label was pretty dubious. His ideas were devoid of the vision and leadership that fueled Republican ascendancy a quarter-century ago and badly needed today.
Me, yesterday, in a comment at Instaputz:
I thought that was the standard pundit template: "[Party] won/lost because they did/didn't do what I wanted them to".
'Party', of course, is interchangeable with 'candidate' in this context.