Friday, January 04, 2008

That's Where the Tall Corn Grows

Hey, why not be as glib and ill-informed as the cable news outlets?

  • Massive turnout for the Democrats--the figure I saw last night was 220,000, compared to a previous record of 124,000. It's a good bet lots of those people were independents.

  • Many of whom caucused for Obama. Maybe his appeal-to-independents thing really works. That's not the only factor that matters in the general, but it is a factor.

  • Clinton has the money and organization to keep going. Edwards, unfortunately, maybe not.

  • Huckamabee's win makes things very...interesting. It's entirely possible now that he could win the nomination. Not likely, but not impossible.

  • I don't think this (or a New Hampshire loss) kills Romney's candidacy (he has a huge organization and More Money Than God), but it does make it a lot more difficult.

  • I was happy to see McCain come in fourth--which, of course, has already been spun as victory. He could win in New Hampshire, but after that Romney has the money and troops in the field, and Huckabee has the geography (South Carolina, all those southern states on Super Tuesday).

  • We may be seeing Steve M's scenario come to pass, in which no single anti-Huckabee candidate emerges...allowing Huckabee to get the nomination.
Or maybe not. Who the hell knows? Post your own reactions to Iowa in comments.