Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Thoughts on the primaries

It's galling to me that in a Democratic field that has, for the first time, a woman and an African-American and a Latino, the candidate with whom I most align on the issues is a white Southern male. But there you are.

Hillary Clinton is not my candidate, but if she wins the election, I think she'll be a good president. Not ideal, but good. I was moved by the passion and commitment evidenced in her "display of emotion," and being a girly girl, I'm not afraid of emotion, nor do I think that it's inconsistent with toughness or clarity of mind.

John Edwards is my candidate, but the sexism he displayed when asked to respond to Hillary's "emotionalism" is appalling.

I enjoy watching Keith Olberman very much, but I'm stunned at how visciously he criticized Hillary last night for daring to compare herself positively to Obama. An election is a competition, in which one person wins and others lose, is she really expected not to think she's the best candidate for the job? Is she expected to campaign for Obama or what?

One final thing: Obama is not my candidate. Nonetheless, the little dance he did on Oprah kinda turned me on. Mea culpa.

(Choking up on the cross-post)