Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Who really won the NH primary?

All of the news reports will tell you that Clinton and McCain won, or that Clinton and Obama were virtually tied, with Clinton winning narrowly, and McCain won on the Republican side. But let's look at this a different way—by actual number of votes.

Hillary Rodham Clinton 111,899
Barack Obama 104,148

John McCain 87,991
Mitt Romney 74,871

John Edwards 48,434
Mike Huckabee 26,613
Rudolph W. Giuliani 20,304
Ron Paul 18,159

Bill Richardson 13,164
Others (R) 5,485
Dennis J. Kucinich 3,877
Others (D) 3,661

Fred D. Thompson 2,860
Duncan Hunter 1,218

Joseph R. Biden Jr. 626
Mike Gravel 397
Christopher J. Dodd 202

Tom Tancredo 66

So, both Clinton and Obama handily beat McCain. And hello, 66 people who voted for Tancredo? He dropped out. Kthxbai.

Now, I added up the figures, and I have
Total Democratic votes: 286,408
Total Republican votes: 237,567
Total voter turnout: 532,975

Of these voters, approximately 150,000 were registered Independents, but I can't figure out how many Independents voted each way because so far this morning, I haven't been able to find the statistics on how many were registered Democratic or Republican. If anyone has that, I'll update the post.

Update: I apologize about the colors. I lightened both.

(Cross-posted with a 9% margin of error)