Sunday, February 17, 2008

Bunker Buster

And this time it's not (just) of the Archie and Edith variety.

The Protect America Act lapsed last night at midnight. Following a couple of press release-style posts (which basically regurgitated the political spin of McConnell and Bush) on that topic yesterday, it's now going on 18 hours since anyone at all has been heard from over at NRO's The Corner, a period of restraint and thoughtfulness heretofore unknown at the conservative blog. The final Corner post was Mark Steyn's 187th memorialization of his "human rights" persecution by the pesky Canadians. He also works in a joke about his vagina.

Then, nuthin'. Dead air. Crickets.

Come out from under your beds, folks. Isn't there something important you need to watch coming up on Fox News?

Update (10 minutes later): Oops! I posted too soon. Mark Steyn is back at The Corner this morning, the very definition of coyote ugly, with a stock-in-trade, borderline racist (and somewhat wistful, perhaps?) denunciation of the evildoers. And so the world turns.

Other update (yet two hours later): With this post mixing up the Loch Ness Monster, Global Warming and the ravings of some creepy dude with a compulsion to "call a spade a spade," Steyn completes the coveted natural hat trick of hatred and holds The Corner, for better or worse, his own private Idaho.