Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I'm sorry I was late to the party, but I'm a satisfied Obama Voter Now.

This has me really excited. Despite my last posts on HRC I finally went over to the dark side a week or so ago after one more hideously stupid attack by HRC on Obama--it was before the plagiarism accusation, but really, at this point, all the ways she's chosen to take him on have been so hurtful to the party as a whole that I couldn't forgive her any longer. So I've thrown my heart over, as they say of show jumping, and I'm going for Obama in a big way. This recent post over at Kos about Obama's ground game in Texas is hugely exciting to me, as a political person. There is nothing better for us as a country, or as a party, than getting people excited enough to come out to vote. Because when they come out to vote, they will also come out to fight, to organize, to get stuff done that needs doing. The passive style of political consumerism--waiting around for the candidate who you think is the "nicest" or "seems ok" or voting to spite the country with third party losers is death for every level of political action in a democracy. And from reading these accounts of Obama in Texas you get the sense that he grasps this, and so do his volunteers. Here's to exciting meetings, lots of phone calls, and long and active lists of intrested voters.