Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Some of My Own Kids Are Minorities...

Peggy Noonan said it couldn't happen, but The Corner's John Derbyshire seems to have some racial issues with Barak Obama's candidacy:

All this emoting over Barack Obama's wonderful, wonderful personality is starting to trigger my gag reflex.

What are we electing here, a faith healer? What is Obama's view of the executive power? How, exactly, does he propose to "bring us together"? Just by being half-black?...
Derbyshire desperately needs to know, "What will Obama do?" Since he lacks any intention to learn about Obama by reading his books, he quite naturally turns for answers to noted racist pseudoscientist Steve Sailer -- who, turns out, hasn't read Obama's books either. But, Derbyshire reports, Sailer has blegged his VDARE blog's vast readership for "any paper trail for Obama's thoughts, ideas, and opinions." Sadly, nobody who reads Sailer has read Obama's books, nor can anybody turn up much dirt on him online.

Left to his own devices, Derbyshire summons up a dark and scary Obaman apparition:
And then there is the matter of ethnic triumphalism, which is shifting and murmuring in the background of Obama's campaign. Be interesting to get Obama's opinion on, for example, Justice Thurgood Marshall's remark to his colleagues in the Bakke case, that, "You guys have been practicing discrimination for years. Now it is our turn."...
Which is not at all offensive when Derbyshire says it. You see, he's got hand:
As a white guy with half-Asian kids, is there an ethnic downside to me and mine in voting for Obama? Is this an improper question? Why?
As a decent American citizen reading you on the Internets, Derb, I can tell you that the primary "ethnic downside" to you and yours is coming from inside the house. Get out, John -- get out while they still have a chance.