Saturday, February 23, 2008

They Can't All Be Scott Beauchamp

So in Thursday night's debate, Obama told an anecdote about an army captain in Afghanistan whose platoon was under-staffed and under-equipped because of the Iraq diversion. Predictably, the shrieking monkeys of the right went into full attack mode; not surprisingly, the story checked out.

That, of course, didn't stop the wingnut frenzy. The Weekly Standard, whose credulity is boundless when it comes to justifications for war, had no fewer than four--count 'em, four--posts trying to cast doubt on the story (three of them posted after Tapper substantiated it). Bush's Pentagon even tried to give them a boost.

So how did that work out for them? Well, here's a portrait of a failed outrage orgy: Memeorandum at 10:15 pm last night, and again 12 hours later. Not long after the latter, the story fell off the page altogether; despite the wingnuts' best efforts, their non-story about supposed fabrications by Obama pretty much vanished.

McCain's genuine, well-documented fabrications...not so much. So much for changing the subject.