Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Big Brother Is Watching

Look, I hold no brief for prostitutes, or the guys who use them. Hell, I don't get 5,500 an hour and I make housecalls to florida. But this Spitzer thing is serious. Serious like a descent into some kind of Maoist puritanical hell where the Government is always watching and will allways have something on you. Under tyrannies laws multiply so that the government can always accuse you of having broken some law. And under tyrannies there is no limit to the prosecutorial power of the government. This doesn't go to the question of whether Spitzer should resign or not. It goes to the question of how worried we should all be that the Bush DOJ not only signed off on a pretty much unwarranted investigation but probably initiated it in order to bring down a duly elected democratic governor of a blue state. Lets not forget they just did this to the former Governor of Alabama because he looked like he was going to get back in the race and win it. And that guy is serving 7 years on trumped up charges. Sometimes revolutions go through paroxysms of purity but its pretty clear that the Bush revolution didn't bother with that part. No Republicans will ever be brought down by the Bush DOJ for any violations of the Mann Act, the Woman Act, or any other kind of Act. Its only going to be Democratic Politicians. I'd say if we've been wondering about why the Democrats aren't fighting harder against Bush this would explain it--they must believe he has something on each and every one of them, or some family member--but so far the Dems seem to me to be too stupid to realize what is going on with the warantless wiretapping and the politicization of the DOJ.