Tuesday, March 25, 2008

He's Alright, He's Alright, He's Alright...

Over at The Corner, Larry Kudlow appears to have confused McCain with cocaine, he loves him so much:

Right now the stock market is heading higher in part because of aggressive Fed actions to pinpoint discount loans and backstop the financial system. This, of course, is mitigating the sub-prime problem. But don’t discount McCain’s role in this, too. His clear emergence as the frontrunner, with an ever-widening lead over Hill-Bama, is also boosting stocks. Why? For the simple reason that tax burdens will not be raised on investors if McCain becomes president. Nor will free trade be cut off.

From my perch, we don’t look far from the point where John McCain establishes a commanding lead in the run-up to November. Incidentally, the stock market bottom was back on January 22. This was right about the time the Arizonan started to surge.

Think of it.
Yeah, man, think of it. McCain is, like, sooo excellent! He surged to the front on a shitty market and now that he's the frontrunner the market's surging on him. And who can deny that he'll surge on this surging market, and vice versa? John McCain, like capitalism itself, is an unstoppable force. From the former Chief Economist at Bear Stearns' lips to your ears -- you can take that to the bank.