Wednesday, March 05, 2008

A New Voice in Military Blogging

Well, new to me. Look, I was going to blog really really important stuff like how I dreamed I was Michelle Obama's best friend, after reading the New Yorker Article about her and discovering that she is everything I'm not--tall, taut, tanned, supple, glamorous, stylish, and yet has the exact same problems I do getting fresh fruit down her kid's throat. Or, I thought, I might blog about how tired I am of the primary since I've made up my mind and I think everyone else should just agree with me and go home already. [Edited to add that of course The Poor Man said it all a few days ago so no further campaign coverage is needed.]

But then Mr. Aimai sent me this link to a wonderful site previously unknown to me called

"Abu Muqawama is a blog dedicated to following issues related to contemporary insurgencies as well as counterinsurgency tactics and strategy. Abu Muqawama aims to be a resource for students, counterinsurgents, academics, and the general public."

Each of the blog entries I've read so far have been really fascinating and a reminder of just how little we talk about what is really going on in Afghanistan and Iraq. In honor of Steve Gilliard and all the people fighting and dying over there in George Bush's little vanity war I thought I'd link to this blog.