Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Orlando Patterson/Ann Althouse--Separated at Birth?

I meant to blog this but steve m beat me to it. Orlando Patterson today in the times (oh, look it up for yourselves, it doesn't deserves any hits) tortured language and logic until they begged for mercy and came up with the discovery that Clinton's telephone ad was racist because when white and hispanic people look at children sleeping in bed they worry there is a black guy hiding under it. Or something. I used to marvel that Ann Althouse's analysis (you remember it: the words "good night" seen peripherally on the child's pj's must be read as the word "nig--!!!!!" and the ad reflects the well known fact that children's pj's are racist and Clinton was appealing to the all too common racist pj vote) was the stupidest person in America after Doug Feith. Now, I have to call it a split decision.


Edited to ad: Good God, I'd forgotten just why I hated Patterson so much. But Brad DeLong (hey Brad!) reminds me here in a post entitled "New York Times Death Spiral Watch: Orlando Patterson Edition" that Patterson wrote the most blather filled, racist, sexist, and downright pernicious defence of Clarence Thomas of all time, ever.