Monday, March 03, 2008

The Problem that Dare Not Speak Its Name

I just had a look at Obama's very effective "final plea" ad in Texas and its good--very good. But something caught my attention that's been bugging me for a very, very, very long time. Why have we allowed the mealy-mouthed phrase "lobbyists" to replace the more accurate "humongously large and utterly morally deficient corporate entities?" Obama must use the word "lobbyist" about a gazillion times in the ad, as, of course, do McCain's shills in talking about why their guy is so noble. But lobbyists aren't really the problem any more than the terrorism noun is the problem (pace our resident idiot MC confrontation.) Lobbyists actually work for the people who are the problem, which is to say --large business associations making special pleas for special treatment from the government. If they had legitimate political interests they'd represent actual voters, not deep pockets, and their appeals would be to actual political interests not to the hand outs, tax breaks, special tarriff's and outright kickbacks that corporations actually ask for. I realize that actually pointing the finger at large corporations and reminding everyone that their business is making money off of the American People not serving the American People is, kinda, communist of me but really, why do we let politicians get away with it. The problem with John McCain isn't that he is, or is not, a slave to "lobbyists" but to the very, very, very, wealthy, corporate interests who actually pay the lobbyists to get out there and bribe him.