Monday, March 17, 2008

Sadly, No!? Sadly, Yes!

People who have lives and who don't surf the net everyday don't understand what I mean when I tell them that Sadly, No! has some of the best coverage of everything at all times. Must read coverage of our pre-depression apocalypse today is to be found courtesy of Athenae at First Draft
and Brad, Seb and the Editors over at Sadly, No!

Viz: today's "Terrifying Thought of the Day"

On a related note, aren’t you glad now that Bush didn’t succeed in privatizing Social Security?
with this brilliant addition:

As feared, foreign bond holders have begun to exercise a collective vote of no confidence in the devaluation policies of the US government. The Federal Reserve faces a potential veto of its rescue measures.

Asian, Mid East and European investors stood aside at last week’s auction of 10-year US Treasury notes. “It was a disaster,” said Ray Attrill from 4castweb. “We may be close to the point where the uglier consequences of benign neglect towards the currency are revealed.”

To which Gavin adds:

Gavin adds: How will you keep up the payments on your immortal robot body?

…Oh, and by the way, “the uglier consequences of benign neglect” is totally my phrase of the day. Just this morning, I was very near a point where the uglier consequences of my benign neglect toward looking both ways before crossing the street were, you know, revealed.