Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Athenae goes there so we don't have to

Here's her capsule review of Feith's book on his life as the stupidestfuckingguyin the universe:

If you were playing Where's Post 9/11 Waldo, it would be useful, but a good read it is not.

The book proceeds as a list, which I'll paraphrase here:

I was born.

I grew up.

Kind of.

I work at the Pentagon!

Old school liberals aren't pussies! They're hawks! Richard Perle is awesome!

Being a lawyer sucks.


I shook the president's hand! I was in a meeting! I wrote a policy paper! Rumsfeld listens to me! The president listens to me! Everybody listens to me!

The president didn't want to go to war, except that he did, and we didn't make him, except that we have enormous influence, which is impossible to resist.

I hate Seymour Hersh.

Colin Powell is an asshole.

The CIA sucks.


Acronyms. Operational details. Tom Clancy.


Whoa, war sucks.

Here's what Bush screwed up to make the war suck.

Let me teach you my ways, so that you might replicate my phenomenal successes.

The end.

Oh, go read the rest. She did actually buy the book. So give her some love.