Friday, April 25, 2008

McCain Refuses to Denounce McCain; Cites Unspecified 'Disagreements'

WASHINGTON, DC--Amid criticism of Senator John McCain for comments suggesting Hamas is supporting Barack Obama, Senator John McCain today stood by McCain, refusing to renounce McCain's support.

"Obviously John and I don't agree on everything," McCain said. "I value his support, but he's his own man."

Asked if McCain's comment about Hamas' support for Obama was one such disagreement, McCain declined to comment, adding, "I want a respectful campaign, that's all I'll say."

Pressed on whether he regretted accepting McCain's endorsement, McCain grew testy. "I don't have anything more to say about that. I didn't go to McCain's church for 20 years"--a reference to recent controversy about Obama's relationship with Rev. Wright.

When a reporter then asked whether this signaled a plan to use Wright as a campaign issue, McCain shot back, "I didn't say that, McCain said that. I can't be held responsible for everything McCain says."

Today's incident fueled speculation that McCain, viewed by many as a loose cannon with an explosive temper, could prove a liability to McCain. According to Larry Smithfield, professor of political science at Northern Mojave Community College in Randsburg, California, "it's only a matter of time before Mcain says or does something that totally sinks McCain."

Cable news analyst Osgood Slattery disagreed. "He's weathered this sort of thing before, and it never really gets him into any trouble. His primary opponents tried to use it against him, hitting him for the fact that McCain opposed Bush's tax cuts. More recently, the Democrats tried to get some mileage out of McCain being cozy with lobbyists, saying 'what is this supposed straight-shooter McCain doing palling around with a sleazeball like McCain?' So far, it hasn't made a dent. The media seem to be willing to give him a pass--they're saying, 'oh, that's the other McCain'."