Saturday, April 19, 2008

Uh Oh, the Other Shoe Finally Drops

I've been a reluctant to entirely defenestrate Hillary Clinton and deny her the all important Aimai imprimature but this finally does it. It could have been any of the eight billion other things she's done that really, really, really, pissed me off. And of course when it came to it I voted for Obama anyways so I suppose I was never on her side in any but the most rhetorical of ways. But still, in my heart, I thought there was very little difference between the two of them in terms of policy and prospective presidentin'. There's a lot of difference between them cosmetically and in terms of secondary political characteristics but these are to real politics as boobs and hair and voice range are to real sexual identity.

But in my heart of hearts I thought, with some other commentators, that perhaps deep down Hillary had a reservoir of anti republican rage that would be fully unleashed when she got to the top slot. I thought that her feminism, and her very self, having been under attack by the right for thirty years was like a snake lying coiled at the bottom of a well, waiting to strike. I was right, I guess, but also wrong. Because it turns out that the people she really can't stand? Are the progressive left of the Democratic party.

I'd vote for Hillary over McCain. But that's not saying much. I'd vote for Bozo the clown over McCain. But this really tears it, for me.