Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Week Late and a Dollar Short

The Boston Globe has a weekly column by Peter Canellos that used to be called something like Washington Week and is now called something like Campaign Diary. Whatever it is called it is almost always smugly after the fact as Canellos ineptly semaphores Washington's conventional wisdom, the kind of stuff heard around the tables of third level Washington admin staff ("I heard that McCain's real strategy would be to try to run to the center while not losing his hard base!") as hard won insight. Today's takes the cake. The real problem for America in the whole Wright/Obama flap? That it proves Obama is "too naieve" to be President since he (supposedly) disregarded the sharp warnings that Wright (supposedly) gave him that Wright would attack him publicly once he became part of the oppressive power structure. Yeah, that's right--Obama is "naieve" compared to President "I looked into his Soul" Putin-lover-Bush and Hillary "you cheated on me again?" and "I never voted for war, exactly" Clinton?


Of course nothing, but nothing, beat's dnA's brilliant parody in advance of Maureen Dowd's column on the debacle. You can re ad it over here at SteveM's No More Mr. Nice Blog in the post entitled WRITE MAUREEN DOWD'S NEXT COLUMN!